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Hey! I'm Jamie from "Algebra Explained"

I'm your new Algebra Tutor

Jamie is the algebra tutor with all the answers. She is the instructor in the videos within the iTunes app "Algebra Explained." Jamie provides short, clear and lively algebra lessons that will engage algebra students of all levels. Her lessons are a mixture of real world examples and algebra skills that will give all students the skills and motivation to excel at algebra. Each lesson has been carefully written by a former math teacher with a Masters in Education in Curriculum Development so that the lessons build each student's skills while reviewing concepts learned in prior lessons. Jamie isn't just smart, she's funny and adventurous. She'll make algebra students of all ages laugh and she has some great adventures planned, including jumping from a plane, driving her monster truck and racing 4-wheelers.

Algbra Explained - Interesting Videos

The Algebra Explained series will be published via the Apple App Store and will be sold at a very reasonable price. The series is expected to contain 15 apps. Each app corresponds with a typical chapter of an algebra textbook. Each app contains 10 - 20 lessons, just like an algebra book has many lessons per chapter. Unlike a traditional textbook, Algebra Explained comes with video instruction for each lesson. Each video introduces a new skill or concept while reviewing prior learning. Videos provide many advantages. You can take them with you wherever you go and watch them over and over again until you understand everything perfectly. The video format allows Jamie to break down the walls of traditional classrooms and take you along with her in and out of an airplane, to the basketball court, through the woods, to the gym, on her monster truck or on any of her other many adventures that will help give meaning and context to the algebra you are learning. Jamie and her sidekick Carter provide a few laughs along the way too.

Carefully Designed Practice

Each lesson includes 10 carefully designed practice problems. Algebra Explained does NOT use randomly generated problems. Problems are carefully sequenced to help learners start with the basics and build to more complex problems. Problems continuously cycle in content from previous lessons so students completing the series will be proficient in the entire series, not just the current chapter. Forget something? Go back and review that video and lesson and you are back on your feet.

A clear advantage to digital learning is the immediate feedback that learners receive when they answer each question. If a student did not understand the lesson they will know immediately rather than doing an entire set of problems incorrectly and not knowing until the test that they'd been doing everything wrong all along. Just like sports, if you practice a skill incorrectly it becomes more difficult to unlearn. With electronic learning and immediate feedback this cannot happen.

Emphasis on Graduation

Our blue graduation cap logo represents our company's desire to see all learners graduate. Within the application students earn graduation caps once they master each lesson. Upon mastering all lessons, quizzes and the chapter test the student will earn a digital diploma with their name to reward them for their accomplishment. These rewards emphasize to students that they are reaching milestones and many small accomplishments can eventually lead to a large accomplishment. Rather than seeing graduation as a distant goal they will view it as a goal that they are beginning to reach.

Company Vision

I Learn Fast Sofware's mission is improve achievement of all students by providing high quality educational products at an affordable price using handheld devices that appeal to learners of all ages.