The Algebra Explained series includes a calculator for convenience. Learners are discouraged from using it. In fact, for most lessons using a calculator will result in the student not earning their graduation cap for that lesson.

Learners are expected to know their arithmetic facts and review & strengthen them as needed.

The founder of I Learn Fast Sofware believes that the patterns of mathematics are revealed by actively thinking about numbers, not pushing magic buttons on a calculator. The calculator is available for working through problems involving large numbers, logarithms and e and is not intended for daily use.

The Algebra Explained series includes a scratch paper screen where students have an ecofriendly yet unlimited amount of scratch paper to work through problems and explore numbers.

A calculator with cut, copy and paste. Are we insane? Or, just looking for a better way?

We believe this may be the first calculator in the world to use "cut", "copy" and "paste" rather than M+, M-, MR and MC. This is just another example of our fresh approach and ideas.