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Chapter Summary

Jamie and Carter cover exponents, fractions and the order of operations in chapter 1. The chapter opens with Carter beating Jamie at basketball and tricking her into doing lots and lots of push-ups.
Jamie teaches exponents while losing a few double or nothing basketball games to Carter

Jamie then heads to the gym to get a cardio workout and explain 3 formulas related to heart rate. Jamie teaches the order of operations using 3 equations on heart rate

Jamie and Carter rebound from the exercise to teach fractions with Jamie's "Fraction Calculator" and eat lots and lots of pie.
Jamie teaches Carter about interest and credit

Along the way Jamie teaches Carter about the good side and bad side of banking and interest which foreshadows later chapters that will really dig deep into personal financial planning.
Jamie teaches Carter about interest and credit


  • Introduction to exponents
  • The order of operations
  • Review of fractions
  • Evaluating algebraic expressions
  • Euler's Number, "e", 2.71828....

Real World Connections

  • Basketball
  • Interest
  • Investing
  • Credit cards
  • Heart rate
  • Pie, lots and lots of pie
  • The lottery
  • Present value of money