Chapter 5 of Algebra Explained teaches you inequalities   Algebra Explained
Chapter 5

Chapter Summary

Chapter 5 teaches students all about inequalities. Solving linear inequalities, the "inequality reverse", graphing solutions on a number line and graphing inqualities as a plane in the x,y coordinate system.

Jamie teaches the "Inequality Reverse"
Jamie teaches the inequality reverse

Inequality planes are explained
Inequality planes have so many solutions

We even have some colorful multiple choice answers in the inequality chapter.
Inequality solution sets are drawn in the x,y coordinate plane


  • Solving inequalities
  • The inequality reverse
  • Graphing inequalities on a number line
  • Compound inequalities
  • Absolute value inequalities
  • The x, y coordinate system
  • Graphing inequalities in the x,y coordinates
  • Modeling real world inequalities