Chapter 6 of Algebra Explained teaches you inequalities   Algebra Explained
Chapter 6
Systems of Equations

Chapter Summary

Chapter 6 is all about systems of equations and inequalities. Jamie will teach you how to use the elimination method, the substitution method as well as graphs to solve systems.

Jamie always love to blow things up and she seems to like the elimination method.
Jamie teaches the elimination method

Systems of inequalities are explained in vivid color.
Systems of inequalities have so many solutions

We end the series with a lesson about maximizing profit while selling hot dogs and waters at the fair.
Linear programming can help you maximize your profits at the county fair


  • Solving systems of equations - elimination
  • Solving systems of equations - substitution
  • Solving systems of equations - graphically
  • Solving 3 by 3 systems
  • Solving systems of inequalities
  • The x, y coordinate system
  • Graphing lines and planes
  • Writing systems for real world situations
  • Review of fractions
  • Review of order of operations
  • Review of solving equations
  • Review of graphing lines and planes as well as slope and y-intercept.