Each problem is presented on a soothing screen that is free of clutter to help the learner focus on the problem. Just tap on your answer to see if you have done the problem correctly. If you need scratch paper just tap the scratch paper button.

Practice questions are organized into sets of 5 questions for lessons and quizzes and 10 questions for the test. Questions for quizzes and tests are randomly selected from the questions that were asked in the lessons. The questions in the lessons are designed to be in two groups of 5 questions. The first set of 5 questions are intended to be quite introductory to help the student experience success and practice the key concepts from the current lesson. Students cannot earn the graduation cap for completing the 5 warm-up problems.

The second set of 5 questions are intended to be more difficult and include concepts from the current lesson as well as an integrated review of past lessons. The learner must complete the second or later set of problems with 100% success to earn their graduation cap. In most lessons, using a calculator will disqualify the student from earning their graduation cap and they must complete another set of problems without using a calculator to earn that cap.

Students will constantly be given practice with the basics of fractions as well as an integrated review of concepts from prior lessons.

You may leave the practice screen and return later. You will be returned to the most recent, unanswered problem.

Once a student has completed their practice problems they may review their work from the history screen. This can allow a teacher, friend or family member to help with any trouble spots.