Progress Tracking in Algebra Explained
for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Algebra Explained provides motivation to all learners by tracking their overall progress at the bottom of each screen. The ultimate goal is to earn your diploma! However, it takes consistent practice to earn that diploma. The learner must earn a graduation cap for each lesson by completing each practice set. To complete a practice set the learner must get all of the answers correct in a 5 problem practice set. Because the first 5 questions are generally warm-up problems the learner only earns their cap on the second or subsequent practice set. If you miss a problem or two just keep trying additional practice sets until you get 5 out of 5. To complete the practice set for the chapter test the student must get 10 correct answers. In addition to counting the number of completed lessons (caps), the tracking display also shows the number of correct answers (stars) and the percentage of correct answers.

Algebra Explained homescreen, highlighting adding learners, progress reporting and souvenir diploma

Once you earn your diploma you can click the diploma button on the home screen. Then simply email it to yourself and you can print it out. Once you earn your diploma you may also request membership in our Hall of Fame.

Algebra Explained also offers the unique ability to add multiple learners and track their progress from one centralized reporting screen that allows the teacher to view progress in the following 3 ways:

Three Report Types

Learner by Learner Track learner progress on a given learner.
Day by Day Track learner progress on a given date.
Lesson by Lesson Track learner progress on a given lesson.

*Please note that for data privacy reasons only the teacher account can view progress of other learners. All other learners can only view their own progress. The teacher account is always the first account created and does not necessarily have to have the user name of "Teacher."