Algebra Explained for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

I Learn Fast Software's first app, "Algebra Explained," is available for purchase in the Apple App Store. Each app is available for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Algebra Explained features Jamie and her sidekick Carter as they explain algebra in a fun and interesting way. View our sample videos on YouTube.

Algebra Explained breaks down algebra into 15 chapters. Each app represents 1 chapter of a typical algebra textbook. Within each chapter there are generally 10-20 lessons. Each lesson includes a video, study cards (when applicable) and 10 carefully created practice problems. Each app also includes quizzes and a test, which are a randomly selected group of the more advanced practice problems. Certainly the series is an excellent supplement to any algebra course and it also can provide a fun, interesting way to review algebra for standardized tests or adults returning to school. Because the algebraic concepts included in the series are broken down into small pieces even the youngest learners can begin to explore the concepts of algebra together with a parent.

Currently the following chapters are available in the Apple App Store:
1 Order of Operations 2 Negative Numbers 3 Linear Equations
4 Graphing Lines 5 Inequalities 6 Systems of Equations
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Algebra Explained also offers the unique ability to add multiple learners. Once you create additional learners Algebra Explained will open with a login screen and require a learner name and password. Then each learner's progress will be tracked independently. This is ideal for schools and it allows a single purchase to be used class period after class period, year after year at no additional cost per student. Algebra Explained also includes a progress tracking screen that allows the teacher to view progress on a student by student, day by day or lesson by lesson basis.

Four Components

  • 1.Teach Me: High quality video instruction for each lesson
  • 2.Study cards: Edit, create, delete or email study cards
  • 3.Practice: 10 thoughtfully created and sequenced practice problems per lesson
  • 4.History: details of practice sessions

Each App Features:

Action Selection Screen, Teach Me, Study Cards, Practice Problems and History