Teach Me

Each lesson is carefully scripted by the founder of I Learn Fast Software, Inc., Kennon McCaa, who has 5 years of high school Algebra teaching experience, a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics Education and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Development.

Jamie leads the lessons with occasional appearances by her sidekick Carter. Jamie is more than just a super smart person, her interests include skydiving, airplanes, monster trucks, 4 wheelers, exercising and country living. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science.

Carter is Jamie's little sidekick. He does not hold any college degrees, yet. Carter loves pie, jumping up and down, basketball and following Jamie wherever she goes. Using their life experiences they will explore Algebra in our world.

 The Inspiration

Carter is the inspiration for this series because he faught his father's attempt to use paper flashcards to teach him basic number facts and caused his father to look for a new medium that would appeal to students of all ages. The handheld, touchscreen Apple devices were an instant success and Carter's interest in math has skyrocketed.

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